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The World Memory Championships were founded by Tony Buzan and Raymond Keene OBE in 1991 and have been run annually ever since.


The World Memory Sports Council is the independent governing body of the Mind Sport of Memory and regulates competitions worldwide. Tony Buzan is President of the Council.


The WMSC is responsible for


           The official World Rankings

           Setting the Millennium Standards

           Setting the disciplines and rules

           Maintaining standards

           Training and licensing Official Arbiters

           Ethics Committee

           Licensing worldwide




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Helen Brown, Development & Activities Officer, Aimhigher Derbyshire

Below is a small sample of the comments made about the event (more on the website): “We were delighted to be able to offer some of the young people we work with the opportunity to take part in the UK Schools Memory Championship. The skills taught during training have already been useful to the participants in school and it is great that they are able to recognize their importance beyond the competition.”


Ailish Ash – Chenderit School, Northamptonshire

“A big thank you for all your help and support in introducing Chenderit to the memory techniques and championships. I had never heard of it really so am delighted to have become involved. The students really enjoyed the day and Sophie was thrilled with her medal!


Ursula Boote - Knowsley Hey School, Liverpool

“This was an excellent seminar – the students were really impressed and the looks on the faces of the students at Dominic’s amazing memory techniques was a pleasure to see... I really enjoyed this event and the feedback from the students on the day was really positive – the sessions certainly had the WOW factor.”





Rehnumah Insan (17) recalls 120 words, 122 numbers, 17 fictional events with their dates, 48 playing cards in sequence… AND breaks the Student Memory World Record - with 1,963 competition points overall!


In second place was Kate McKenna

(17 - right), who also broke the World Record with 1,607 competition points – 112 words, 110 numbers, 13 events/dates… and 36 playing cards. And third place went to Sophie Stephenson (17 - left) – with 1,290 points - 82 words, 63 numbers, 15 events/dates and 30 playing cards.


There must be ‘something in the water’ in the North-East of England, as all three of these

talented youngsters attend a school or college in the region – Rehnumah is at Prior Pursglove College in Guisborough, Kate hails from the St. Thomas More School in Gateshead, while Sophie Stephenson is a pupil at the Joseph Swann School, also in Gateshead.


One hundred secondary school students from all over the UK competed in the final of the UK Schools Memory Championship, which was held on Wednesday 14th July at the University of Wolverhampton.  Several thousand students had participated in Memory training and taken part in regional heats in order to qualify for the gruelling, tightly fought all-day Final contest.


“I didn’t realise I had such a good memory until I competed in the North-Eastern regional final a few weeks ago… and came second to Kate” says Rehnumah, who intends to study Law at university.  “This time I was determined to do even better, but surprised myself at just what I achieved.  Now I have learned these important, but relatively easy memory techniques, I will certainly be applying them to my studies in the future – and I am hoping my exam results and future performance overall will benefit from the extra knowledge I am able to retain.”


Over the past twelve months, eight times World Memory Champion Dominic O'Brien (pictured on p1), who devised the original concept of the UK Schools Memory Championship, has been spearheading training sessions in Memory techniques for secondary school and college groups. After the visit, in-school competitions and regional heats identify the most talented participants, with the top 100 students invited to the National Final.


Dominic  himself has be

en highly enthused by the huge and growing interest in Memory training from both schools and students:  “The UK Schools Championship has been created to help pupils discover the Mind Sport of Memory and to develop their mental skills to aid them with their studies” he continues.  “With exam success dependent on making good use of one’s memory, mastering memorisation techniques early on is a great platform for future success.” 


The competitions themselves are led by Phil Chambers, Chief Arbiter of the World Memory Sports Council. This year the competitors applied their newly-acquired memorisation techniques to four different doctrines: random words, random numbers, fictional events and dates, and the recall of a shuffled deck of cards in sequence. These categories were chosen to closely correspond to the World Memory Championships whilst being easily transferable to the learning of school subjects.


“The competition is a great way to embed Memory techniques into education and to develop life-long learning skills, which are transferable across the curriculum and throughout life” says Neil Denley, Director of Inspire Education, who, with his brother Stewart also co-founded the UK Schools Memory Championship.




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